Protecting the future interests of all parties by escrowing is very important for both vendors and their customers, a smart and simple decision that protects the future of your business. As important as the escrow process is, equally as important is selecting an escrow agent you can trust.

EscrowNZ is the leading New Zealand escrow specialist, with a focus on providing secure escrow services for software, research documentation and all types of IP information for many purposes including the sale or purchase of a business, risk mitigation and archiving. Many academic funding providers now require material to be placed in escrow to fulfil their funding requirements for up to 7 years. Because escrow isn’t just a sideline service of a broader company, you can be assured the dedicated team at EscrowNZ is the Escrow Agent you can trust.

Quick Facts About EscrowNZ

EscrowNZ have been New Zealand's trusted Escrow Agents for over twenty years. Here are some quick facts about the company:

  • EscrowNZ is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IT Professionals NZ (ITP), the professional body of the ICT sector and oldest ICT body in New Zealand.
  • EscrowNZ operates nationwide with a head office and all operational staff based in Wellington.
  • EscrowNZ stores all escrow in a controlled access ex-bank vault in central Wellington, with escrow material only accessible by pre-vetted authorised staff and agents.
  • EscrowNZ doesn’t disclose a client list for security reasons. Clients include many of New Zealand’s largest companies including banks, software vendors, manufacturers, telecommunications companies, lawyers, and many other businesses of all shapes and sizes.
  • The ITP Group has been offering escrow services in New Zealand since 1997.
  • EscrowNZ purposely doesn’t provide online lodgement of escrow, due to inherent security issues plus other concerns related to completeness of submitted material.
  • EscrowNZ is a trusted third party, acting for both the owner and licensee of software. It acts in the best interests of all parties at all times.

Did you know?

100% Kiwi Owned

EscrowNZ is operated by a dedicated team in Wellington and are a wholly owned subsidiary of IT Professionals NZ. We store your material in New Zealand, under New Zealand Laws mitigating the risk of your code, data or IP being subject to international jurisdiction.


EscrowNZ operates as a third party to the escrow agreement. Our only interest is in the security and guardianship of your material.


EscrowNZ provides utmost protection while mitigating the risks associated with escrowing material directly with a vendor or lawyer.


EscrowNZ has been building dedicated and trusted relationships with New Zealand businesses of all shapes and sizes for over twenty years. We are trusted by both NZ and international banks, government agencies, software developers, IT and Telecommunication companies alike.