New Zealand's Leading Independent Software Escrow Agent

Software Escrow (NZ) Ltd is New Zealand’s independent specialist software source code escrow agent.

SENZ is wholly owned by the Institute of IT Professionals NZ Inc (IITP), the independent non-profit professional body of the ICT sector. You simply don't get more independent than that.

Why Software Escrow New Zealand?

VaultPlacing software source code in escrow protects the investment of both the owner and the licensee.

Often when a company provides software to another company they maintain ownership of the source code and provide any updates or changes necessary for the life of the product.

But what happens if the vendor goes out of business or is unable to provide support for the software at some point in the future?

Software Escrow protects the client by securely maintaining a copy of the source code for the product. In very limited circumstances agreed in writing via contract (such as the supplier ceasing to trade) the source code is released so the product can continue to be maintained and you're still in business.

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Facts about SENZ

Up to date

An escrow agreement is most effective when there are regular updates made – SENZ sends automated notifications if an update isn't made regularly

Keep it local

International escrow agreements can be subject to international law. SENZ is 100% New Zealand owned and operated, mitigating issues relating to international jurisdictions


At SENZ – all we do is escrow, which means our only focus is on the security and guardianship of your software

100% Kiwi Owned

SENZ is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Institute of IT Professionals


SENZ holds a Private Security License in both the Property Guard and Document Destruction classes