New Zealand's Leading Independent Escrow Agent

As New Zealand's leading independent Escrow Agent, EscrowNZ prides itself on being the foremost expert in all matters related with escrowing IP information such as source code, database information, documentation and research material. We have built this across 20 years of dedicated and trusted relationships with business in NZ and beyond.

Whether you require an escrow service for the purposes of the sale or purchase of a business or software system, or risk mitigation for your business when it comes to mission critical software, or simply to fulfil a funding requirement for research documentation, EscrowNZ can help.

We are a New Zealand agent, wholly owned by IT Professionals NZ (ITP), the independent non-profit professional body of the ICT sector, and run by a small but experienced local team - you simply don't get more independent than that.

Escrow is Simple Security for Everyone

Vault Simply put, choosing an EscrowNZ escrow solution for your source code, data or documentation, ensures the protection of your investment. It’s a system designed to protect all parties involved and maintain the integrity and security of a business or project.

So how does it actually work? Often when a company provides software to another company they maintain ownership of the source code and provide any updates or changes necessary for the life of the product.

But what happens if the vendor goes out of business or is unable to provide support for the software at some point in the future? The business using the software would likely be left hanging, unable to maintain the software, and may incur huge expenses in either replacing the software or resolving the issue through a costly litigation process.

When it comes to selling software, the issue of releasing the software once payment has been received can be trickier than it should be. There are often trust issues that need to be resolved on both sides of the transaction. We protect the sellers interests by taking the material subject to a sale and purchase agreement, and upon confirmation of sale conditions being confirmed by the parties, release the material to the new owner. The purchasor is protected knowing that once the sale conditions have been met, the material will be released to them without hold up.

Escrow is Simple Security for Everyone

Think of it this way – if the ‘marriage’ of the owner and licensee falls apart, Escrow ensures the business/product survives the ‘divorce’.

Facts about EscrowNZ

Up to date

An escrow agreement is most effective when there are regular updates made – to make this process simple, EscrowNZ sends automated notifications if an update isn't made regularly.

100% Kiwi owned

International escrow agreements can be subject to international law, making the process unnecessarily complicated. Operated by a small dedicated team located in Wellington, EscrowNZ can mitigate issues relating to international jurisdictions. We are proudly 100% New Zealand owned as a subsidiary of IT Professionals NZ – the largest and most trusted tech body in NZ.


At EscrowNZ – all we do is escrow, which means our only focus is on the security and guardianship of your software, sourcecode and documents.


EscrowNZ has been building dedicated and trusted relationships with New Zealand businesses of all shapes and sizes for over twenty years. We are trusted by both NZ and international banks, government agencies, software developers, IT and Telecommunication companies alike.