Research Document Escrow Services

Our research document escrow service is suitable for the safe keeping of research documentation, providing funders of various research and development projects with the ability to ensure that the material subject to a funding agreement is safe and secure with a non-partisan 3rd party provider.

This escrow service provides a facility where software source code, or documents relevant to information gathered and recorded during a research and/or development project, are stored in a highly secure controlled access vault in Wellington. The access controlled vault provides 3 layers of security to a double keyed vault. The escrowed material is only made accessbile via certain release triggers in the escrow agreement which are defined when entering into the agreement. Once a trigger event occurs or the escrow agreement reaches its termination date, you may choose to have the material returned or securely destroyed.

How it works

The escrow process is simple:

  • A researcher and funder agree that they should engage an independent and trusted third party (an "Escrow Agent") to hold a copy of the relevant research documentation and enter into an agreement
  • The researcher deposits the escrow material with EscrowNZ
  • EscrowNZ stores the material in a highly secure, controlled, access vault in Wellington
  • The escrow arrangement concludes at a pre-determined date generally 5-7 years after the completion of the research. At this date the material will be sent to the appropriate party or destroyed

Cost of research document escrow

The cost model for research document escrow is simple.

  • One-off Setup Fee: $195 + GST (waived for existing clients)
  • Escrow Term Fee : $7000 + GST

Did you know?

100% Kiwi Owned

EscrowNZ is a wholly owned subsidiary of IT Professionals NZ


EscrowNZ is a third party to the escrow agreement. Our only interest is in the security and guardianship of your software.


EscrowNZ provides utmost protection while mitigating the risks associated with escrowing research documentation directly with the vendor or lawyer.


We store your software in New Zealand, under New Zealand Laws, mitigating the risk of your research documentation being subject to international jurisdiction.


EscrowNZ holds a Private Security License in both the Property Guard and Document Destruction classes.

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